15 Ways Your Commercial Driver’s License Can be Suspended

November 22, 2021
November 22, 2021 Defense Attorneys

Did you know that trucking accounts for 70% of shipping around the U.S., and the trucking industry employs almost 6% of all full-time working Americans? With numbers this large, it’s easy to see why the truck and driver shortage has become a crisis this year. 


With the trucking industry in the hot seat, our Jacksonville lawyers want commercial drivers who are still on the road, and others interested in new trucking positions, to keep their jobs. So here are 15 things to avoid while on the road.


 15 Ways Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Can be Suspended 


  1. Driving a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol level over .04
  2. Any alcohol related traffic conviction while driving a commercial vehicle (CV) or regular vehicle
  3. Leaving the scene of an accident in CV or regular vehicle
  4. A felony involving any motor vehicle 
  5. Conviction for negligently calling a death while driving CV
  6. Driving with a revoked CDL
  7. 15 miles per hour over the limit (in any vehicle)
  8. Reckless driving (in any vehicle)
  9. Improper lane changes (in any vehicle)
  10. Following another vehicle too closely (in any vehicle)
  11. Driving a CV without a CDL
  12. CDL not in possession while driving a CV
  13. Wrong class or endorsement for CDL
  14. Convicted of a motor vehicle violation when involved in a fatal accident
  15. Railroad crossing violation while driving a CV


A Reminder to all Commercial Drivers 


When your commercial driver’s license is suspended for more than one year, or revoked, you must be retested. If your license is suspended for less than one year, it will automatically be reinstated.


If you are charged with a motor vehicle crime, remember your Miranda Rights and contact the best Jacksonville lawyer with the most experience. You will want immediate representation to understand your right and walk you through the steps to help keep you employed and on the road. Contact us today for more information.