Attorneys Explain Your Options After Receiving a Traffic Ticket

March 10, 2021 Traffic Attorney Blogger

Although it may not be severe, a traffic ticket can have a negative impact on your life. Traffic tickets are typically considered minor infractions that can be resolved by simply paying a fee. However, depending on your state’s traffic point system, and the severity of your offense, you risk adding points to your license. Or, even worse, having your license suspended.

In Florida, acquiring 12 points in 12 months results in a 30-day suspension. Even accumulating a small amount of points on your record in Florida can raise your insurance premiums.

Taking all of this into consideration, there are some circumstances where fighting your traffic ticket could work in your favor. Alternative options include traffic school or simply paying a fine. Below, our attorneys give a detailed explanation on your options after receiving a ticket.


Options to Settle Your Traffic Tickettraffic ticket attorney

Paying the Fine

Admitting guilt to your ticket and paying the full fine is the least time-consuming and easiest option. The only caveat is you must have the extra money to take care of paying your traffic ticket. However, simply paying the ticket without taking some sort of traffic school could still result in additional points on your driver’s license. It’s important to be aware of the total amount of points on your license before exploring other options. Doing so may save you the risk of adding additional points and increasing your insurance.


Attend Traffic School

Attending traffic school is a great option to avoid adding any points to your license. When choosing to attend traffic school, you are still admitting guilt to your ticket. However, you are avoiding the added points to your driving record and potentially decreasing the cost of the fine. Keep in mind that while you may decrease the fine, you still need to pay for the full cost of traffic school.  


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Fighting your Traffic Ticket in Court

For some people, the burden of paying the high cost of a traffic ticket, or sacrificing the time to complete traffic school is not worth it. Especially, for offenses that you believe you are not guilty of. This would be an instance where fighting your traffic ticket in court may be the best option. This is also the only option that could potentially dismiss your ticket and the negative impacts that come with it. When fighting in court, having the right attorney will increase your chance of your case being dismissed, saving you money and having zero impact on your record.


Our Attorneys are Here to Help You

The best way to avoid traffic tickets altogether is to implement safe driving practices every time you’re behind the wheel. But, we understand that life happens so knowing your options when it comes to taking care of a traffic ticket is always important. 

Are you currently exploring your options to take care of a recent traffic ticket? Contact our Jacksonville law offices and speak with a traffic attorney about representation. We will ensure you fully understand the law and, if necessary, provide counsel on your behalf. We’re here to help you!

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