How to Find the Best Defense Attorneys to Represent You

January 18, 2023 Criminal Defense Attorneys

As a Florida lawyer, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the legal landscape and the resources available to you in order to provide the best possible defense for your clients. When it comes to finding the best defense attorneys in the area, there are a few key factors to consider.


First and foremost, experience is crucial. Look for attorneys who have a track record of successfully representing clients in similar cases to yours. This not only demonstrates their expertise in the specific area of law, but also their ability to navigate the court system and effectively advocate for their clients.

Here, at Dale Carson Law, our team has over 67 years of combined experience. We defend clients against all criminal matters including petit theft, DUIs, speeding tickets, and much more. Our experience helps create strategies to provide strong, supportive defenses in the courtroom. We’re here to protect your rights against even the most severe criminal charges.


In addition to experience, it’s important to consider the attorney’s reputation within the legal community. Ask around to other attorneys and seek out online reviews to get a sense of how well respected the attorney is among their peers. A good reputation can go a long way in securing the best possible outcome for your case.

One resource to consider when searching for top defense attorneys is the Florida Bar Association’s Find a Lawyer directory. This online tool allows you to search for attorneys by location and practice area, making it easier to find a lawyer who is well-suited to your specific needs.

Another resource to consider is Avvo, a website that provides ratings and reviews for attorneys across the country. By reading through the reviews and ratings of other attorneys, you can get a better sense of which lawyers have a strong reputation and a track record of success.

Contact the Best Defense Attorneys in Jacksonville

Ultimately, the best defense attorney for any case will depend on a variety of factors. By doing research and considering all the factors for the particular situation, you can find an attorney who is well-suited to help navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Contact our team of expert attorneys today at 904-355-6777, anytime 24/7.

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