Can a person be guilty of drunk driving in Florida if they only had one drink?

Drinking small amounts of alcohol can still result in DUIs in the wrong situation. It often takes a perfect storm to be cited for drunk driving. For example, if the person is very small or has not much weight, their size directly correlates with their ability to metabolize alcohol. Therefore, in a drunk driving situation where someone weighs 90 pounds, it’s much easier to get drunk and either have your normal faculties impaired or be over the legal limit based on just one drink. With that said, it would probably have to be a pretty strong drink.

Additionally, having not eaten anything before drinking, being extremely tired, or taking certain medications can dramatically impair one’s ability to metabolize alcohol efficiently. This can result in a higher BAC than would be expected, even with very small amounts of alcohol consumption. Law enforcement officers make arrests based not only on the BAC but also on observed impairment, which may manifest in the form of erratic driving or the inability to respond coherently to questions. Given these complexities, it is best to be cautious with alcohol consumption, particularly when you plan to drive. Always factor not only how much alcohol you consume but also how your body handles alcohol under different conditions.

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