I am guilty, have no defense, and just want to get this over with. Should I even bother getting an attorney?

We handle a lot of cases where people are, for sure, not innocent of a crime. In many of our cases, they just come through and it is pretty clear that they have committed the offense that they are being accused of. Nevertheless, that is not the whole deal. The thing that actually matters in a case is not always guilty or innocent, because sometimes that’s very clear. Rather, it is about having the ability to reduce the offense that will get the accused closer to their desired result. Even if someone is guilty, the punishment is not always the same. And if we have the right lawyer, and we present the case the right way, we may be able to gain substantial benefits for our clients in terms of the final outcome. Regardless, of their guilt or innocence.

The Justice System

This approach focuses on the importance of understanding the legal system and its nuances. Sentencing is not a routine process as it has to take into account the specific facts of each case. Proper legal counsel can deal with these issues and thus, in the end, prove their value and justice to the situation – even if guilty. For example, a good lawyer will ensure the following are considered: the defendant’s role in the offense, his/her personal circumstances, and his/her potential for rehabilitation. This personalized approach guarantees that justice is not only about the word of the law but also its spirit, thus putting the spotlight on the fair treatment and the possible ways of restitution and rehabilitation. It is the process of creating a defense that recognizes the wrongdoing yet asks the justice system for leniency and fairness.

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