What is a Notice to Appear (NTA)?

A notice to appear (NTA) is a legal document that really constitutes an arrest but doesn’t require some important things. When you are arrested, they can now take your DNA. They can take your fingerprints, but it doesn’t require you to be processed through the system so you’re never in the NCIC database. Understand that this is a big, big deal because if employers have access to that database, which many do, you will be on their target list for unemployability. In summary, for us lawyers, it is crucial that a client notify us if they receive a notice to appear (NTA), as it can lead to harsher legal consequences.

Furthermore, an NTA also acts as a summons which entails the individual to personally go to court at a specific date and time. Disregard of this notice will attract other charges such as failure to appear in court, which transforms into an infraction which can result in more serious criminal charges. This escalation, can aggravate the legal proceedings and legal punishments, including fines, duration of trials, and imprisonment. Hence, an NTA is understood as a serious situation; people who receive such notice should consult a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss with possible consequences and adequately address their case.

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