Why did I have to post bond?

Assuming that someone is entitled, in the state of Florida, someone who has been arrested and has been incarcerated, has a right to a bond. The purpose of a bond is two things. Number one, to ensure the safety of the community. Number two, to ensure that the defendant appears in court when they are supposed to, to make sure that they’re not a flight risk. So a judge, in determining an appropriate bond, is going to look at the characteristics of a defendant. They are going to look at ties to the community, they are going to look at things like family, jobs, housing situation. They are also going to look at things like prior record, in order to determine what an appropriate bond is. Based upon those considerations, the judge will then set what he or she deems to be an appropriate bond, and once that bond is put in place, either in cash, which means paid in full, or thought a bail bondsman, which typically requires 10%, that will then permit someone to be released from the custody of the jail.

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