Is it legal to talk on a cell phone while driving in Florida?

Is it legal to talk on a cell phone while driving in Florida?

The question we all want an answer to is if it is legal to talk on a call phone while driving in Florida. Since 2017, regulations regarding cell phone use while driving have undergone notable changes in Florida. While it is generally legal to engage in phone conversations while driving, commercial drivers are required to utilize hands-free devices to ensure safer operation of their vehicles. The widespread integration of Bluetooth technology in modern vehicles has facilitated this transition, making it more convenient for drivers to communicate while on the road. It is legal to talk on a cell phone while driving in Florida, but how about texting?

When it comes to texting, the law takes a stricter stance. Presently, texting while driving is prohibited, categorized as a secondary offense. This means that law enforcement cannot pull over a driver solely for texting but can issue a citation if the driver is stopped for another violation and found to be texting simultaneously. Nevertheless, there are ongoing legislative efforts to elevate texting while driving to a primary offense, allowing law enforcement to directly ticket individuals for this behavior without needing another reason for the stop. Such measures reflect a growing recognition of the dangers posed by distracted driving and underscore the commitment to enhancing road safety across the state.

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