What are my options if I am a CDL (commercial driver license) and I receive a traffic ticket?

A CDL who receives a traffic ticket is in a similar situation in terms of their options as far as a standard driver is concerned, however there is one exception. As a standard Class C driver such as myself, I am permitted to attend traffic school in order to keep the points off of my license, I can do that. A commercial driver by law is not entitled to attend traffic school. So when it comes to dealing with and deposing of a CDL traffic violation as a commercial driver, the driver can either pay the citation which is not a good option as a commercial driver, they can go to court or have their lawyer go to court or they can actually challenge the basis for the infraction meaning have a trial on the matter which in a sense is also going to court. If the individual plans on challenging it or simply plans on going to court to get the points withheld, oftentimes it does make sense to hire a private attorney who is knowledgeable in that area because there can be some pitfalls with both of those courses of action.

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