I was arrested for possession of marijuana. What happens next?

Your mother is going to be really pissed, because you’re an idiot for carrying it on your person and being in a place where law enforcement’s going to search you and find marijuana. I mean, come on. The problem here is that when you’re arrested for anything, and in the United States, you become permanently marked within NCIC. You go to jail, you get your fingerprints taken, your photograph snapped, you’re in the system. The best thing you can do is when you initially get stopped is, try and plead for a notice to appear. Because when you ask for and hopefully receive a notice to appear, they will simply take a thumb print. You’re not really in the system. And most of those cases, provided it’s under 20 grams, can be diverted into a program where you get told, “You shouldn’t behave that way and you need to be a better person,” by the government, but ultimately the case is absolutely dropped. And that’s the best outcome. But candidly, again, you need to reassess your personal strategy in traveling around in the open with controlled substances on you, because ultimately, it’s going to lead to a problem that is going to cost you money, take time out of your life, and is going to put a permanent mark on you as a bad person, a socially unacceptable person.

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