What is the difference between a federal and state crime?

There’s a big difference. Each one of those, the state is a sovereign; the federal government is a sovereign. You can violate one law in the state, and also have violated another in the federal government. You could be literally charged with two crimes. That is not double jeopardy because they’re two different entities that are charging you. The state typically relies on state statutes, and the federal relies on federal code. Typically, Title 18, Title 21 is narcotics. Title 18 in the federal side is simply your general crimes. In the State of Florida, there are a variety, all found in the Florida State statutes, but they are crimes that are punishable by a felony, more than a year. Misdemeanor, less than a year. There are some unique aspects of crimes that are committed and are simply ordinance violations, which are typically civil in nature, but sometimes have rather large fines. You need to talk to a lawyer if you find ourself charged with any one of these, either a felony, misdemeanor, or an ordinance violation.

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