I have a Florida CDL (commercial driver license) and got a ticket driving my privately...

A Florida CDL can absolutely be effected even if the commercial driver is driving a personal vehicle. Now depending on what the charge is, it may have some bearing on the severity. Despite not being on the job, certain infractions committed while driving a personal vehicle can still lead to repercussions for their CDL. The consequences may vary based on the nature of the violation. For instance, if a commercial driver receives a traffic citation for speeding or reckless driving in their personal vehicle, it could still result in points on their driving record. These points, if they accumulate to the thresholds outlined for license suspension, can jeopardize the commercial driver’s ability to operate any vehicle, including commercial ones, by potentially leading to the suspension of their CDL. Moreover, more serious offenses like DUIs or leaving the scene of an accident can have severe consequences for a commercial driver’s CDL, possibly resulting in immediate suspension or revocation, regardless of the vehicle being driven at the time of the offense. Therefore, it’s crucial for commercial drivers in Florida to maintain a clean driving record and adhere to traffic laws at all times, whether they’re driving for work or personal reasons. If you are driving your personal car and get a ticket, contact our CDL lawyers today at Dale Carson Law. We are here to help you understand the law, review your case, and help you navigate the legal system.

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