Do I need an attorney for a speeding ticket in Florida?

You do not always need an attorney if you have a speeding ticket in the state of Florida however in certain circumstances it can be very advantageous. In looking at your driving history a judge is going to consider the extent of that history, how many times you have been charged with various offenses, really how long it has been, the duration that you have been driving for as well as any other aggravating factors. If it’s say a very high speed or a bad accident, those can very much work against you. So the decision to hire an attorney for a speeding ticket isn’t a universal one, it’s not that you always need an attorney but in certain circumstances it does make sense to hire an attorney even if it’s simply out of convenience. Sometimes the ability to have an attorney go to court for you just makes a lot more sense than missing a day at work. Additionally, if you happen to be a commercial driver or a professional driver I always encourage people in that situation to hire a lawyer because there are a lot of additional consequences that can come from something even as minor as a speeding ticket that can really have a big impact on those specific individuals.

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