White Collar Crime

Jacksonville Defense Lawyer Puts Investigative Experience and Resources to Work Thwarting Allegations of Fraud and White Collar Crimes

Jacksonville defense lawyer Dale Carson and his team have extensive experience dismantling allegations of white collar and fraud crimes. Mr. Carson investigated and prosecuted many white collar crimes during his time with the FBI and now uses that experience to identify weak points in such cases against his clients in Florida.

As a fraud attorney defending clients accused of white collar crimes, Mr. Carson also has access to a team of investigators and financial experts specializing in analyzing business documents and financial records. These experts assist Dale Carson Law in sifting through the huge volumes of data and paperwork that often accompany white collar crime cases and that are critical to debunking false or exaggerated allegations.

If you have been charged with, or think you are being investigated for a white collar or fraud crime, Jacksonville defense lawyer Dale Carson and his team can put their experience and resources to work for you. In some cases, we may be able to get prosecutors to drop their case even before formal charges are filed. To speak with a Florida fraud attorney, visit our Complimentary Consults page or call a Jacksonville defense lawyer at Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.

We can help you protect your rights in any white collar or fraud crime allegations, including: 

Bribery — Offering money or other benefit to persuade someone to act a particular way.

Computer Crimes — Use of a computer to commit fraud or other crimes. See our Internet Related Crimes page for additional information.

Counterfeiting — Creating fake documents or objects of value with the intent to pass them off as real in exchange for money or items of real value.

Embezzlement — Theft or unauthorized borrowing of money the defendant had access to, but not ownership of, like a store clerk stealing money out of the cash register or the Chief Financial Officer of a company “borrowing” company funds to pay gambling debts.

Extortion — Use of threats to persuade someone to act a particular way. Often the alleged threat is non-physical in nature, like threatening to reveal photos of a sexual affair to a spouse.

Forgery — Unlawfully creating documents or signing someone’s signature to documents without authorization in order to profit.

Fraud — The most common of white collar crimes, fraud is the use of deception or tricks to illegally gain money or other benefits. It is like theft, except that the defendant is alleged to have deceived or tricked someone rather than use force or stealth.

Identify Theft — Using another person’s personal and/or financial information without authorization for personal profit or gain.

Tax Evasion/Fraud — Any effort to avoid paying taxes, including failure to file a tax return, hiding assets, or falsely claiming deductions.

Do Police have Wiretap Evidence Against You? Jacksonville Defense Lawyer Dale Carson Excels at Challenging Wiretaps & Other Surveillance Evidence

Many cases alleging white collar or fraud crimes involve evidence gained through wiretaps or other surveillance methods. In Florida, fraud attorney Dale Carson used these methods extensively to investigate and prosecute white collar criminals while with the FBI. Wiretaps and other surveillance operations must comply with strict regulations in order to be admissible in court. Mr. Carson knows where investigators frequently fall out of compliance and can find the weaknesses in surveillance evidence that will make it inadmissible in court. Sometimes early challenges to wiretap and surveillance evidence can force prosecutors to drop a case even before formal charges are filed.

Find out how a Jacksonville defense lawyer from Dale Carson Law can help you fight allegations of white collar or fraud crimes. It costs you nothing to receive an initial consultation. To schedule a free consultation with a Jacksonville defense lawyer, go to our Complimentary Consults page.

Or call a Jacksonville defense lawyer at Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.