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FAQs for Legal Emergencies

Under the law, police officers are permitted to lie to you and say anything they want to you without punishment. There are many pitfalls that can end in your incarceration. We know what the traps look like. Before you talk to the police, do yourself a favor and talk to Dale Carson Law. It is true that law officers are promoted on the number of arrests they make. When they speak with you, they are seeking information to enable them to put you in jail. If they had enough information, you’d already be under arrest. Don’t talk or argue with the police…you can’t talk your way out of being arrested… but you sure can talk your way into an arrest. Let Dale Carson Law do the fighting for you. Admit nothing to the police, but act fast to call the firm who trained police officers – who knows the game well enough to not only represent you, but to get the best possible outcome. Talk to Dale Carson Law immediately, because it is important to understand you are walking in a mine field – don’t go in to clear yourself, go in with the right law firm to survive and win.

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