Lawyers Share “Good Things to Know” About Super Bowl Sunday

February 1, 2021
February 1, 2021 Criminal Lawyer

Due to COVID-19, many of us will be celebrating Super Bowl Sunday at home this year. If you plan on watching the game with friends, let’s talk about some rules and regulations. And, no, we’re not talking about the football game itself. Let’s talk about gambling, drinking, and eating.

Lawyers Say All Bets Are NOT Off

Did you know, Americans will spend around $4.2 billion dollars each year betting on the Super Bowl according to American Gaming Association. While we do not encourage gambling, not all betting practices are illegal. Legality of betting depends on the state. In some states it’s only legal in casinos or physical sportsbooks, while other states allow online betting. Check out the status of betting in your state.

Many bets on Super Bowl Sunday are, unfortunately, made illegally. Many internet betting websites are not regulated, meaning that using them carries even more risk. Do your research before making any bets.

There’s also risk in betting between friends. Now you won’t see police knocking down doors because of a $50 bet between friends, but these bets are unregulated and can result in legal issues. If you are involved in sports betting on Super Bowl Sunday, just be smart about it.


Liability Regulations Related to Falls, Alcohol, and Fights

Parties typically mean drinking is involved. When alcohol is present, things can sometimes get out of hand. We’ve even seen instances Super Bowl parties have actually led to lawsuits for injury or even death. We’re not saying don’t not to serve alcohol or drink at a party. However, if you’re the host, allowing people to drive home after drinking could result in liability. Again, be cautious when mixing together alcohol, friends, and Super Bowl Sunday.


Food Safety and Food Poisoning

Believe it or not, people have sued over food poisoning during Super Bowl parties. Individuals have successfully sued when they were forced to seek medical treatment or had a prolonged sickness as a result of food poisoning. Be sure to practice safe food handling. Clean surfaces, keep raw meats separate from other foods, cook foods to appropriate temperatures, and chill foods adequately.

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Our Lawyers Are Here for You

It’s Super Bowl Sunday on February 7th. Everyone just wants to have a good time, eat wings, and watch the game. We want to ensure you’re thinking about all your actions/decisions/consequences regarding the party or attending a party.

If you or a friend find yourself in need of legal advice or support, contact our experts 24/7 at 904-355-6777 or check out our website Enjoy the game and be safe!

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