Our Attorney at Law Dives Into Theft and Assault Charges as Holidays Approach

December 12, 2022 Criminal Defense Attorneys

Tis’ the season for family dinners, gift wrapping, and holiday fun! Tis’ also the season for greater risk of family feuds, fights over limited-time deals, or credit card fraud when purchasing that must-have gift for your loved one. Our attorney at law wants you to know the most common Black Friday and Cyber Monday crimes that occur each year to help avoid getting stuck in a difficult situation.

Attorney at Law Dives Into Black Friday-Related Crimes

Battery & Assault

Black Friday shopping has changed drastically over the years and many consumers prefer to shop online from the comfort of their home. Thus, reducing the risk of a violent Black Friday experience. But, there are still numerous companies that have exclusive, in-store only deals. Some that begin at midnight on Black Friday. Anytime an event leads to masses crowding in a small area with their eyes on the same prize, it’s not uncommon for physical violence to break out.

If threat of physical violence, or actual physical violence occurs,  there’s risk for assault or battery charges. Understanding the difference between assault and battery charges will help to better assess a situation if you, or someone you know, are in, or witness, an unfortunate incident. 


In Florida, assault charges are defined as an intentional threat, by word or act, to do violence to another. For example, let’s say two individuals get into an argument. One person raises their fists and threatens the other. This could constitute an assault.


Building off the example above, if a punch was thrown after the threat – the individual could face battery charges since the act went from simply being a threat into actual physical violence. In Florida, battery charges take place when contact is made (physical violence acts were not just threatened, but acted on).

*Note, battery and assault can be synonymous and charges can vary by state. Be safe this holiday season, and keep a level head if involved in a sticky situation!


You’ve probably had a number of spam messages trying to get your credit card information, or banking information. Typically, a way to identify a spam message is there’s always a sense of urgency, or limited time, to take advantage of the discount. People also go to great lengths to build legitimate-looking websites that steal credit card information at checkout. 

If caught for credit card fraud, one can be charged with misdemeanor or felony depending on the amount of money stolen. In the state of Florida, the distinction between misdemeanor and felony offenses generally hinges on the amount of loss.

Be sure to be on the lookout for signs of spam and know who you’re buying from before making any purchases online this holiday season!

Getting Legal Help from Our Experts

If you, or someone you know, is worried they may have been a victim of one of the crimes above, contact our attorney at law to discuss legal options. With over 67 years of combined experience, our attorneys will be able to help guide you every step of the way. Contact us anytime at 904-355-6777.

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