Speeding Ticket: Rules of the Road

August 9, 2022 Traffic Attorney Blogger

Speeding Tickets – Why Do We Have Them?

Here in Duval, Clay, and Saint Johns Counties there are at least 200 traffic citations issued every single day! According to those who write our laws, financial penalties for breaking laws should deter people from engaging in certain types of conduct. While this is true to a point, many types of citations (looking at you, red light cameras!!!) are simply designed to raise revenue.

Know that Paying a Ticket is Admitting Fault.

Multiple times a day we get calls from people who have questions regarding citations. Using our extensive experience, we explain the possible options and consequences of the choices that get made. In Florida, electing to simply pay a ticket is actually an admission of guilt. Because one is admitting fault, this also risks an increase in car insurance since the offender is considered a “higher risk” when it comes to insurance. Understanding options to resolve the citation before simply paying the fine could save someone a lot of money in the long run.

Pleading Not Guilty.

We typically recommend handling most citations in court. This will give the offender the opportunity to talk to a lawyer about asserting your rights and challenge the traffic charges. Traffic tickets are fact-specific which means. Our team of experts have insight and knowledge on how to dismantle the facts of the case against you. We do so by showing the court where the citing officer made mistakes. Thus, empowering the court to help protect your rights.

Why Trust Dale Carson?

Dale Carson is a criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville with his own firm, Dale Carson Law. He has decades of experience in law enforcement, including as an FBI agent and a police officer. He is also the author of “Arrest-Proof Yourself” and serves as the law and safety expert for a local news station. In his “Rules of the Road” video series, Dale covers a range of topics when it comes to driving laws in Florida, including licenses, driving on the highway, and distracted driving.

Contact Our Team

Watch our short Youtube video to learn more about speeding tickets and rules of the road. If you, or someone you know, has received a traffic citation and wants to discuss options you can reach our team anytime online for a free consultation. Or, give us a call at 904-355-6777.

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