The 4 Categories of Drug Crime Offenses

June 27, 2022 Drug Attorney Jacksonville

Florida tends to have very strict laws related to possession of drugs. As the number of drug-related offenses continues to increase each year across the United States, it’s valuable to stay educated on the topic. Our drug defense lawyers dive deeper into four categories of drug possession below.

The 4 Categories of Offenses for Drug Crimes


This is defined as: items used to smoke, store, eat, grow, or inject a controlled substance. Paraphernalia covers a vast majority of items related to drug use due to its broad definition. Some of the more common items include, but are not limited to; needles, baggies, bongs, scales, papers, and pipes.

2. Possession

A possession charge means that one has obtained comparatively small amounts of illicit drugs intended for personal use. Even though the amounts of drugs may be small in comparison to other drug offenses, simple possession can still lead to felony charges punishable up to 5 years in Florida.

3. Possession With Intent

This differs from possession charges in the fact that the individual found with the controlled substances can be proven to have intent to distribute (or sell) the drugs. This offense can also be charged to an individual if they are found to be in possession of a large quantity of controlled substances – even if for personal use.


This is the highest level of offense one can be charged with in a drug-related crime. This charge takes place when a person possesses a larger quantity of illegal substances. Trafficking cases carry extremely heavy penalties and minimum mandatory sentences.

All drug-crime related laws and details can be found in chapter 893 of the Florida statutes.

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