The 6 “No’s” to Know When it Comes to Law Enforcement

April 25, 2022
April 25, 2022 Criminal Lawyer

We dug into the archives for this Youtube gem! Five years and 1.5 million views later, we thought we’d touch base on this important topic again – the six “no’s” when it comes to dealing with law enforcement. Let’s dive in!

The 6 “No’s”

#1) Do I need to give an officer my license if I’m not driving?

Nope! Truth of the matter is if you’re not driving or operating a motor vehicle, you don’t have to carry identification at all. The problem that could come about from not having a license on you is the inability to dispel an officer’s fear of persons or property in the area where you have been confronted. This could ultimately lead to an arrest which would be filed to your permanent record. Likely, as long as you’re honest and calm you won’t be arrested since it’s not actually illegal to not carry identification on you. However, causing a scene or giving attitude could result in cuffs.

#2) Do I have to talk to the police?

No, again! You don’t have to say anything at all, but you probably should be polite. There are consequences for not being respectful to law enforcement. If you’re not in the wrong, and can remain calm/respectful, chances are an officer will move on without making an arrest or causing a scene.

#3) Do I have to let an officer search my clothing?

Never. One of our most valuable rights as citizens of the United States is the right to be left alone by the government. Which also includes not being frisked or searched by the government. That being said, there is a rule that allows officers to pat you down if there is suspicion of a weapon being present (i.e. bulge in a jacket pocket). If no illegal weapons or substances are found, the search ends there. If illegal substances or weapons are found, arrests can be made.

#4) Do I have to let an officer search my house?

Not without a warrant! Searches are illegal if no warrant is present. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but if there’s not a warrant present you should not, and do not, have to allow law enforcement in your home. One should not allow themselves to be bullied into letting law enforcement inside, and after denying entry into the home it’s important to BE QUIET! Under interrogation circumstances, people tend to give too much information. Say no and then say no more!

#5) Should I let the police look at my phone?

No, because you don’t have to! Big businesses like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. are always looking into our phones. They look at our preferences, our search history, and more to get to know who we are so they can advertise to us. However, law enforcement has to go in front of a court and explain why they have reason to want to look at what’s on your phone. Once they have approval, they should receive a search warrant. Then have the right to search your phone. If they find pictures or illegal activity on your phone, they have a right to an arrest.

#6) Do police officers lie?

Yes, police officers are human beings. However, some make it their mission to not lie for moral or political reasons, while others may lie unintentionally or on purpose. Regardless, if you’re acting out and being disrespectful – and are arrested – the odds will not be in your favor. The courts will favor the officer, especially if his sergeant has signed an arrest warrant, or if you’re noted to act in an uncontrollable/disrespectful manner. Always be kind, calm, and respectful to law enforcement to avoid later issues.

Questions About Dealing With Law Enforcement?

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