Traffic Violation Tips: How to Handle a Traffic Ticket During Citation & After

June 5, 2022 Traffic Attorney Blogger

When getting pulled over for a traffic violation, people tend to be nervous. Cops expect this so don’t worry too much, but a way to be more comfortable is to understand how to act so there’s less chance of getting cited. Below are a few tips on how to handle a traffic ticket.

  1. Be polite.

    No matter the situation, you should always be polite. Talk to the officer like you would your grandparent. Using “Yes Ma’am” and asking questions like “Should I give you my license?” Being polite could make a big difference if the case is taken to court.

  2. No need to admit your violation.

    This won’t get you out of a ticket or reduce your citation. There’s no “bonus points” given for admitting your wrongs in this situation. If cited, and if the case is taken to court, the officer can use your words against you. Don’t lie about the situation ever, but no need to voluntarily admit to the violation.

  3. Don’t argue the citation on the roadside.

    If you feel like you were wrongfully cited, you may be correct. This is why you have the opportunity to show up in court and defend your case. But, at no point should you start arguing with the officer on the side of the road. This won’t solve anything and may actually make the situation worse. Deal with the situation in the courtroom.

  4. Do the extra work of hiring a lawyer if you were wrongfully cited.

    Yes, it is easier to simply pay the citation and be done with it. But, paying the citation means you’ve admitted fault, your insurance will increase and in the long run will pay more. Hiring a lawyer and going to court may be more work, but will be worth it in the end.

  5. It seems obvious, but roll down the window when the officer approaches your vehicle.

    If you don’t this is not only disrespectful, but also raises suspicion that something illegal is in the car. Even if there is, roll the window down, talk with the officer, and contact a lawyer if charged with possession of illegal substances. It won’t benefit you to try to hide anything as it will upset the officer and your own actions will be used against you in the courtroom.

Traffic Violation Support

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