Why You Need a Drug Attorney That Knows Both Sides of the Law

The most common mistake a person can make if being arrested for a drug crime is to Talk.
If you are being questioned about your arrest…


Exercise your 5th Amendment right and request to speak to your attorney immediately.

When people are questioned by cops, they tend to start blindly answering every question as if they were a 5-year-old being questioned by an adult. The reason being that adrenaline is being dumped into your body causing a “fight-or-flight” response and causing you to not think clearly.

The reasons for not talking and getting in touch with a lawyer first is because drug crime convictions can be harsh and law enforcement can and may attempt to have you charged with harsher penalties that you may not deserve.

Below we’ll go over some of the tactics used by them.

What Should You Know About Drug Crimes?

  • Even if you’re not selling drugs and are just in possession of them, you may be convicted of “Drug Trafficking”.
  • If it can be proven that you were buying, selling or delivering drugs near public places such as parks, daycares, schools or churches the sentence will be even worse. This can add over a decade to your sentence and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.
  • If it is not your first time being convicted of a drug crime, the sentence could increase.
  • Federal charges can be a lot worse than state. Contact a drug lawyer right now if your charges are in a federal court.
  • Your home, vehicle and other belongings may be taken away if it is suspected that they were part of your drug business.
  • If you are found to have been doing the drug work for a gang or criminal organization your sentence can be even worse.

How Can a Drug Attorney Help You?

One of the crimes with the highest prosecution rate is drug crimes. For this reason, you should hire an excellent attorney. At Dale Carson Law our attorneys are well aware of the techniques that law enforcement agencies and the judicial system uses to pile charges on top of you and make your sentence worse than it needs to be if it even needs to be there at all. We look at your case from all angles since we have experience from both sides. We can help you avoid huge fines to the government and spending your precious time here on earth behind bars.

Do not wait to call a drug attorney, even if you believe that nothing can be done. Don’t hire a lawyer that has little to no experience. Hire someone that know their way around and has been on both sides of the law.

Even if you already have a lawyer and would like a second opinion about your case. Call Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.