Criminal Defense Attorneys: 8 Myths

May 13, 2020
May 13, 2020 Criminal Lawyer

In the movies, courtroom scenes are often played out quite differently in comparison to real life situations. Criminal defense attorneys and others who have been in the courtroom can testify to this. Additionally, our Dale Carson Law attorneys have an abundant amount of courtroom experience and can validate the truth about the myths below.

The Myths About Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Myth 1: All Criminal Defense Attorneys are the Same.

      • Definitely not! Experience and skill levels vary depending on which firm you choose. In general, a winning track record is a good indication of a successful law firm.
  • Myth 2: All Criminal Defense Attorneys are Just as Good as a Free Public Defender.

    Criminal Defense Attorneys

      • Use a public defender as a “last resort”. They typically have MANY cases and don’t have time to focus on your case alone. Therefore, this typically leads to a greater chance of losing in the courtroom
  • Myth 3: All Lawyers Give Free Consultations.

      • At Dale Carson Law, we offer free consultations 24/7 but not all law firms do this! Be sure to ask before making an appointment or they will bill you. We don’t believe in that.
  • Myth 4: If Law Enforcement Doesn’t Read You Read Your Rights, Your Case is Automatically Dismissed.

      • Wrong. These are referred to as Miranda rights. Law enforcement must read these rights only when an individual is formally arrested, or are considered “in custody”. What some may consider a “formal arrest” may or may not be an actual arrest. It all depends on the situation, but often this is not the case. 
  • Myth 5: If You Don’t Testify, You’re Automatically Guilty.

      • False. It varies depending on your case. It is each individual’s right to remain silent during their case. There are many other factors that could prove innocence if the accused decides not to testify.
  • Myth 6: Having an Alibi Basically Guarantees You’re Innocent.criminal defense attorneys

      • While this helps, and is often suggested by various lawyers, it does not “guarantee” innocence by any means. You must prove the validity of your alibi. If any friends or family members testify, they are often questioned about their intentions. This helps to validate their testimony.
  • Myth 7: You Don’t Need a Lawyer if You’re Pleading Guilty.

      • A good lawyer can be valuable regardless of guilt or innocence. Defense strategies should not rely only on proving innocence. Talking with a defense attorney will help decide the best course of action before trying to reach a plea deal. Lawyers can often help minimize the time in jail or push to settle a lower-level charge than initially convicted.
  • Myth 8: The More Expensive Your Lawyer/Attorney, the Better they are.

      • To tell if a defense attorney is truly a better option in comparison to other attorneys, look at their track record… NOT their prices. While prices and a better track record can go hand-in-hand, this is not always the case. Never base your decision on prices alone- DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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