Criminal Defense Attorney Shares Florida’s Gun Laws

July 13, 2021 Criminal Defense Attorneys

Even in the gun-friendly state of Florida, there are gun rules to follow. As a result, our criminal defense attorney wants you to know if you fail to obey these laws, you will face penalties from a fine to jail time.

Florida is a shall-issue state, which means residents are able to receive a permit for a gun if they pass the basic requirements set by the state. However, before you submit your application, make sure you study the laws and understand how to safely own a firearm.

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carrycriminal-defense-attorney

Open carry is generally not legal in the sunshine state, although there are a few exceptions. Open carry is permitted at an indoor gun range, or while fishing, camping, or legally hunting,

Concealed carry is legal for Florida residents with a Florida Concealed Weapons License (CWL). To receive a concealed carry license, you must apply through the Department of Agriculture. First, you need to be legally entitled to carry. Second, you must complete the required training. And third, you must submit an online or in-person application. The Florida CWL allows you to carry other weapons including knives, electronic weapons, tear gas guns, and Billie clubs.

Self Defense

With the 2005 stand your ground law, if you are attacked in Florida in any place you have a right to be, you do not have to retreat before you meet force with force. For your safety, and the safety of others around you, you are lawfully allowed to stand your ground. This is only legal if you believe that force is necessary to prevent bodily harm or death to yourself or others around you.


Contact our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney for More Information

Florida’s laws attempt to balance your second amendment rights with the safety of the general public. Firearms laws can be very complex and require extensive knowledge. If you are facing firearm charges, or have more questions on gun laws in Florida, please contact our criminal defense attorney. It is always best to be on the right side of the law!


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