Criminal Defense Lawyer Shares Property Crime Statistics and Insight On How to Prevent Home Burglaries

June 27, 2023
June 27, 2023 Criminal Lawyer

In Florida, the summer months not only bring the promise of sunshine and sandy beaches but also an increase in property crimes due to the number of tourists and residents visiting and/or leaving for vacations. Our criminal defense lawyer understands these statistics and their implications, so we’ve organized a short post to share our knowledge.

FDLE’s Crime Report Statistics 2021

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) crime report reveals that property crimes, which include burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft, tend to rise during the summer months (FDLE, 2021). This is often attributed to the increased population in the state due to tourism, and the increased likelihood for properties to be left unattended as residents take vacations. 

According to Neighborhood Scout, as a Florida resident, an individual has 1 in 57 odds of being a victim of property crime. As years continue to pass, the overall number of offenses is trending downward but property crimes are still a prevalent issue.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Home Burglaries

To reduce risk of an intruder in your home, our criminal defense lawyer gathered a list of prevention tactics you can try:

  1. Invest in reliable doors and windows with enhanced locking mechanisms. It should be difficult and time consuming for a burglar to break in.
  2. Keep valuables hidden in a safe place in the home. Limit visibility of valuables from a window or outside the home, in general.
  3. If possible, set up timers or manually turn on interior and porch lights at night to make the home look occupied – even if it’s not.
  4. If someone approaches your home asking to come in as part of their sales tactics, do not let them in. Turn them away or help them from the exterior of your home.
  5. For a spare key, keep in mind that thieves know the common spots these are kept – under a door mat, behind a flower pot, etc. If you must keep a spare key outside your home, ensure it’s secured and hidden well.
  6. Don’t leave ladders or any tools outside your home that may help the intruder gain access to second story windows or chimneys giving them the ability to easily break windows or gain access to other points of entry.
  7. Before going to bed, always check that the windows and doors are locked.

To read a full list of preventative measures, read more on Florida Legal.

Importance of an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our criminal defense lawyers keep up-to-date on the latest crime statistics and trends and are prepared to provide the best possible defense for your case. The work of a defense lawyer is not just about law and order; it’s about protecting the rights of individuals and ensuring that everyone receives a fair trial.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a property crime, contact our criminal defense lawyer to discuss options and talk through any questions. Call our team of experts 24/7 at 904-355-6777 or visit our site to read more.

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