Criminal Drug Lawyer Looks Into Prescription Drug Offenses in Florida

January 17, 2024
January 17, 2024 Drug Attorney Jacksonville

In recent years, prescription drug offenses have become a greater concern in Florida. It’s commonly known that the state struggles with illegal narcotics, but now trends are also showing challenges with regulating and controlling prescription drugs. While arrest numbers are down significantly from the early 2000’s they’re starting to trend upwards again for many Florida counties. Keep reading as our criminal drug lawyer dives into the intricacies of Florida’s prescription drug laws.

Criminal Drug Lawyer Finds Why There is an Increase in Prescription Drug Offensescriminal-drug-attorney-in-florida-man's-hand-holding-prescription-bottle-of-drugs

A number of factors have likely contributed to this increase; including,

  • Widespread Availability – many pain management clinics in Florida have made prescription drugs more easily accessible.
  • Social Shift – people now commonly think prescription drugs are safer and more socially acceptable than illicit drugs.
  • Drug Trafficking – dealers have more involvement with illegally selling prescription medications.

Continue reading for more information regarding drug-related offense charges and their penalties and fines.

Possession and Trafficking: Key Differences

A critical area of practice for our criminal drug lawyer is distinguishing between possession and trafficking of drugs. There are four categories for drug possession. Possession deals with smaller quantities but is still a serious offense in Florida. Trafficking typically involves larger quantities, thus carrying more severe penalties, including substantial prison time and hefty fines.

Prescription Drug Offense: Defense Strategiescriminal-drug-lawyer-in-florida-prescription-pills-spilled-on-top-of-script

Successfully defending prescription drug charges requires a multifaceted approach. Common defense strategies are:

  • Search and Seizure – as citizens, we have a constitutional right for privacy. Therefore, there are regulations that must be followed if an officer is performing a search and seizure. If a constitutional right was violated at any point during the search, the evidence obtained may be inadmissible in court.
  • Evidence of Intent – prosecution must be able to show there was intent to possess, forage, etc. to be charged with the given drug offense. If they can not prove there was intent, the case could be dismissed.
  • Lack of Knowledge – this is more specific to illegal possessions, but criminal drug lawyers can build a defense strategy explaining the lack of knowledge of the illegal nature of the drug or why they have possession.
  • Medical Necessity – if a defendant can prove the need for legitimate possession of the drug (i.e. medical cards), then the case could be dismissed.

In general, it’s beneficial to have an attorney on your side to walk you through your charges, options, and defense strategies as they have the greatest understanding of the law. Having an attorney is your best chance to reduce sentencing and fines under the court of law.

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