Defense Attorneys Share 7 Things to Do 7 Days Before The Bar Exam

June 25, 2020
June 25, 2020 Defense Attorneys

Defense Attorneys Define the Bar Exam

In advance of the July bar exam, our defense attorneys have some thoughts for our readers who are currently in law school. The bar examination is a test that all studying lawyers must pass in order to be admitted to the bar of that jurisdiction prior to becoming licensed to practice law. The bar exam, overall, is referred to as the UBE or “Uniform Bar Examination”. To learn more about the bar exam specifics, read the full article on Kaplan. But, we’ve decided to focus on some studying habits/practices that have been proven to be successful for many in the past. We hope our advice/findings help an upcoming law student!

defense attorney jacksonville7 Things to Do 7 Days Prior to the Bar Exam

  1. Practice a Healthy Lifestyle
    • Eat nutritious foods and don’t skip breakfast if you can help it.
    • Sleep about 7-8hrs each night.
    • It’s typically not the time to try new diets and/or exercise routines. Try to keep a consistent routine for your body.
  2. Get in the Right Mindset
    • Keep a positive attitude about the bar exam to help reduce anxiety and feel more confident.
    • Study, study, study! The best way to build confidence is by regularly studying your notes and outlines.
    • Do practice tests when you can. This is the closest you will have to the real exam so it’s typically the best way to study.
  3. Know Your State Specific Portions
    • Know if you are required to do the Performance Test Component or anything specific in your state for the exam.
  4. Avoid Talking About it With Others
    • This often makes many people anxious because we compare ourselves with others.
    • Even after the test, our defense attorneys suggest not discussing specifics with anyone. Especially because a friend can convince you that an answer you put is “certain” to be wrong (even if they’re actually wrong).
    • Comparing where you are/what you did won’t change anything that happened during testing. So, talking about it afterwards won’t help you to feel any better nor will it change the answers you put. Avoid talking about it if you can!
  5. “It’s Okay to Be Wrong” Says Our Defense Attorneys
    • Take your best guess at answering all questions (read questions thoroughly and carefully).
    • Skip questions you are unsure of and come back to them at the end of test. You never know, another question on the test may give you the answer or jog your memory on the topic.
    • Don’t leave anything blank. This is an exam where you aren’t penalized for guessing incorrectly so fill in a bubble on each question. You never know, you may fill in the correct answer.
    • At the end of the day practice makes passing not perfect. Don’t beat yourself up over not knowing each and every question. We’re all human, we forget things, it happens.
  6. Plan Study Time

    defense attorney jacksonville

    • Don’t start studying the weekend before. This will not benefit you in any way. There’s too much information to study.
    • There’s always something else you could study but overloading your brain won’t help. Study the important/larger point value topics first and go from there.
  7. The Final 24 Hours
    • Try not to study besides skimming notes/flashcards. This is the perfect time to rest, relax, and let your brain take a break before the big test.

Our Defense Attorneys Wish You the Best of Luck on Your Bar Exam

Just like other exams, you know your body best. Study, rest, and prepare for the exam how you feel most comfortable. Just remember to fill out all the questions at the end of the exam. These are just tips/tricks to help when preparing for the bar. For some refresher topics/breaks between studying, check out our FAQ videos on our website. Good luck to all law students when you take your exam! We, Dale Carson Law, believe in you and support you.

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