Defense Lawyer Dives Into Firearm Laws in Florida

April 20, 2022
April 20, 2022 Criminal Lawyer

In this post, our defense lawyer dives into firearm laws in Florida, and the differences between open and conceal carry. While a lot of controversy surrounds concealed carry for weapons, there are laws in place that must be followed. In Florida, you may carry a concealed weapon at many locations, with exception of restricted locations. Open carry is not currently legal in Florida, however, some of Florida’s surrounding states, and others across the country, are considering open carry for weapons. Firearms laws can be extremely complex and nuanced. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions regarding a specific circumstance.

Defense Lawyer Explains Open Versus Concealed Carry

Open Carry

These laws only apply to public locations. For the most part, open carry is illegal in the state of Florida. A few exceptions include hunting, being at a gun range, or being in your private residence space (backyard).

Concealed Carry

A weapon is considered concealed, in the state of Florida, if it is hidden from others’ views. This is illegal unless the individual carrying has approval from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Typically, one has to undergo a course, pass a series of tests, and are granted a license that allows them to carry a concealed weapon. If one carries concealed without the necessary license, they could face felony charges for illegally carrying a concealed weapon/firearm.

Firearm Laws for Carrying a Weapon in a Private Vehicle

The possession of firearms without a concealed weapons license in a private vehicle is legal according to Florida Statute 790.25. However, there is a list of requirements that must be met for this law to apply, including:

  1. Individual carrying must be eighteen years of age or older.
  2. The weapon must not be attached to the individual like a holster, jacket pocket, etc.
  3. The weapon must be secured in a case, or not readily accessible. These regulations apply to those who have not taken the concealed carry course and received a valid license/permit.

Have Questions About Firearm Offenses?

Contact our defense lawyers 24/7 using our website if you have questions or are in need of legal support for a firearm offense. You can also watch our short clip about Firearm Laws in Florida on our Youtube Channel anytime. We’re here to help!

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