Drug Lawyer Shares Drug Overdose Statistics Related to the Pandemic

March 1, 2022 Drug Attorney Jacksonville

For the past two years, our drug lawyer has studied how the world has obsessed over the latest coronavirus news and statistics. With so much focus on COVID, Americans have neglected to stay informed on the continuous negative impact of drug use in our country. More specifically, the opioid crisis that arose in March 2020 which continues to take many lives across the United States.

Drug overdoses have been on the rise for some time in the USA, but the pandemic has accelerated the situation. Current drug users were forced to be isolated, NA meetings were canceled, family time was forbidden, churches were shut down, and rehab programs were shifted to virtual mode. On top of resources becoming inaccessible, life stressors continued to pile up as people lost their jobs, homes, and even loved ones.

Starting in March 2020, along with the rise of COVID cases across the United States, drug overdoses increased by nearly 30%. In Florida, specifically, they increased by more than 37% as shown in the CDC’s reports. We’ve taken a deeper dive into why Florida’s numbers are on the rise now, more than ever before.

Diving Into Florida’s Numbers

Florida’s drug-related statistics like trafficking, overdoses, possession charges, etc., have always been higher due to the number of ports and amount of coastline that surrounds the state. Not only are there larger quantities and varieties available here in Florida due to these reasons, but drugs tend to be more pure upon arrival into the USA. This means stronger, more addictive highs for users.

Unfortunately, the Tampa Bay region was one of the biggest victims of the opioid crisis that arose with the pandemic. In Pasco County, there was a reported increase of 71% in overdoses in 2020 compared to 2019. To find out more information on the opioid crisis in Tampa Bay, check out Project Opioid and reach out to Jennifer Webb to see how you can help.

The biggest culprit in this opioid crisis is a drug called fentanyl. It’s found to be cut into many drugs – unknowingly to the user, which often results in fatalities. Sadly, as years continue, predictions for Florida’s overdoses only continue to rise.

Our team has listed and found some reputable locations that can assist with drug abuse:

  1. Beaches Recovery
  2. Recovery Keys
  3. Lakeview Health

Drug Lawyer Can Help with Drug Charges

If you, or someone you know, is battling addiction, reach out to someone or somewhere that specializes in help for drug abuse. Additionally, if you or someone you know has been charged for a drug offense, our team can help provide insight on legal options. Reach our team of experts on our website or call us at (904) 355-6777 for help or more information.

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