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DUI Misdemeanors

Charged with Florida DUI?  Attorneys at Dale Carson Law will Fight for Your Rights and may be able to Get Your Charges Reduced or Dismissed

In Florida, a DUI attorney may be able to get your DUI charges dismissed or reduced.  Based in Jacksonville, drunk driving lawyers and DUI attorneys at Dale Carson Law are experienced in challenging various aspects of intoxicated driving charges and getting those charged dropped or reduced so you do not have to pay excessive fines, serve jail time, or lose your driver’s license. If you are facing your third DUI charge within 10 years, your fourth or subsequent DUI charge ever, or if there is an accusation that someone was seriously injured or killed by you while allegedly driving while intoxicated, then your charge may be a felony.  Find out more here:  DUI Felonies Explained by a Florida DUI Attorney.

DUI Misdemeanors — Attorney Explains

In Florida, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is defined as operating a motor vehicle while impaired by one or more of the following:

  1. Blood or breath alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher
  2. A chemical substance
  3. A controlled substance

If you are convicted of DUI, it will remain on your driving record for 75 years.  Plus, you can be forced to pay heavy fines, serve jail time and have your driver’s license suspended—not to mention your car insurance premiums will increase dramatically.  So it is essential that you hire qualified DUI attorneys to represent you and get that DUI charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. In Florida, your first or second DUI conviction is usually a misdemeanor charge. On your first DUI conviction, you can be fined $250 to $500, sentenced to jail for up to six months, and have your license suspended for at least six months.  You could also be put on probation and/or sentenced to up to 50 hours of community service.  On your second conviction, you will face fines of $500 to $1,000, jail sentence up to 9 months, and license suspension for at least six months.  If prosecutors prove your blood alcohol content was 0.2 BAC or more, or there was a minor in the car, or it is your second conviction within 5 years, penalties increase significantly.  If someone was injured or killed during the alleged drunk driving incident, you could face felony charges:  DUI Felonies Explained by a Florida DUI Attorney.

Find Out How You may be able to Beat Your Florida DUI:  Attorneys at Dale Carson Law will Meet with You for Free

In Jacksonville a drunk driving lawyer may be able to help you beat DUI charges, or get them reduced to a lesser charge, by challenging the arresting officer’s reason for stopping you in the first place, challenging the field sobriety tests and breathalyzer results, suppressing your statements, and challenging other aspects of your case.  DUI attorneys at Dale Carson Law have successfully used these tactics for years and will be glad to meet with you and explain how they might be used to dismiss or reduce your charges.  There is no charge or obligation for this initial consultation.  To schedule a free consultation with a Florida DUI attorney go to our Complimentary Consults page. Or call a Florida DUI attorney at Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777 The articles below contain additional information about DUI and other traffic charges in Florida.  You can also find more in our Free Resources section. DUI and Driving Offenses DUI Felonies Traffic Violations Drivers License Suspension Hearings Suspended License Restoration