Are criminal records ever automatically expunged in Florida?

The only criminal records in the state of Florida that are automatically sealed or expunged are those from juvenile cases, covered by a specific statute for automatic expungements. For adult criminal records, no automatic sealing or expungement exists; individuals must take affirmative steps to qualify and apply.

In order to seal an adult record, the charge in most situations usually has to withhold and not include disqualifying offenses such as violent crimes or felonies. Generally, expunction involves the dismissal of charges or the acquittal of the person, but this is not automatic and depends on statutory provisions and the specific case at hand. The process of seal or expungement includes filing a petition, obtaining a certificate of eligibility by Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as well as those who could have a court hearing.

Sealing or expunging a record means better prospects for employment and housing because the offense is not in public record. The most advisable person to consult with is a criminal defense attorney. This way you better understand the process and increase the chance of success. Legal counseling is necessary because petitioning, the first step when expunging a record, is a complicated process. In order to have a chance to expunge the record, this must be done right.  

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