Don’t Compromise Your Rights in Florida:

Lawyers at Dale Carson Law Fear

No Courtroom when Justice is on the Line.

Very few Florida lawyers or law firms in the southeast United States can match the experience, determination and understanding of the team at Dale Carson Law. We put nearly four decades of experience in law enforcement, investigation, teaching, trial practice and legal practice at your disposal. Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer or Jacksonville divorce and family law lawyer, you don’t just get a lawyer—you get a dedicated team of highly experienced legal professionals.

Each team member’s unique expertise, talent and experiences in a wide range of fields combine into an incredible powerhouse of skill and knowledge that goes into each client’s case. We understand how prosecutors and other law firms build their cases and we set out from the very beginning of your case to tear down those cases, destroy their strategies and present evidence and testimony that reveal the flaws of their claims.

We don’t shy away from courtroom trials. We don’t have to because of the talent and experience of our team. Our no-nonsense approach has given us a reputation for being an aggressive and determined firm that can go the distance. That’s in your best interest because it means you don’t have to compromise. If you are innocent of crimes you are accused of, or if you are standing your ground in a divorce or custody case, you should not have to settle for plea bargains or partial wins. With Dale Carson Law you don’t have to.

A Little Piece of Comfort in a Time of Turmoil at Our Jacksonville, Florida Lawyers’ Office

While we are tough and aggressive with prosecutors and the opposition, we provide a totally different experience for our clients.

From the moment you walk through the doors of Dale Carson Law, you’ll realize we’re different from other Florida lawyers. Rather than the intimidating atmosphere typically found at a law office, you’ll find a calm, comfortable atmosphere where it is easy to relax.

Your comfort is an integral part of our strategy. When you are comfortable, stress is lowered and you are able to think better, remember better and learn better. All this leads to a more thorough understanding of your case—for both you and us—and better preparation for hearings and trials.

We realize this is no easy feat. Most of our clients come to us during stressful circumstances full of emotion and anxiety. Having to talk with a criminal defense lawyer or Jacksonville divorce attorney only adds to that stress. But usually clients find our calm, comfortable environment and friendly personalities put them quickly at ease.

Reduce Anxiety: Consult with our Florida Lawyers for Free

One way we help take some stress off our clients right from the beginning is to sit down and talk with them for free (fee for civil and family law matters). Not having to worry about costs or commitments during that first consultation makes it easier for you and us to get to know each other and get familiar with the case. This enables us to give a fair and honest assessment of your case, inform you of your rights, and give you an idea of how your case is likely to progress. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Florida lawyers at Dale Carson Law, please visit our Complimentary Consults page.

Or call our Florida lawyers at Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.

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