How To Keep Packages Safe This Holiday Season

November 1, 2021 Criminal Defense Attorneys

Have you ever bought a package and have it didn’t show up on your doorstep? While its whereabouts may still be a mystery, there is a chance your package was taken right off your front porch. While video doorbells are common, package theft is still an issue – especially during the holiday season. And with supply chain delays at a peak right now, it won’t be surprising to hear more about stolen packages in the coming months. 

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, let our Jacksonville criminal defense attorney share what you can do to prevent porch pirates from taking your hard-earned stuff.

What to do to stop porch pirating

Package lockboxes – While this may seem extreme, if you receive a lot of packages, a lockbox will ensure no one touches them. You give specific codes to specific people, and only those codes can open the box.

Light up your porch – These days, deliveries often occur after the sun has set. If you know you’ll be receiving a package at night, keep the lights on. Letting theives know that you are home makes your package a less attractive target.

Security cameras – Homeowners sometimes place security cameras out of sight so they aren’t an eye sore. Instead of hidden cameras, consider putting cameras in plain view near the front door. Again, this makes your home much less attractive for your local porch pirate.

Landscaping – Thieves look for an easy target. A quick and direct line to the front door is most appealing. Consider landscaping around your front porch to help prevent package theft. 

Consequences for package theft


The tricky thing about stealing packages is thieves are likely unaware of what will be inside the box. In Florida, if the value of the item inside the box is valued less than $750, they will be looking at a misdemeanor charge. However, if the item is worth $750 or more, they could be facing a felony charge which carries a much heftier penalty. Theft of U.S. mail may also be a federal offense. This can result in up to 5 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.


If you have been arrested for stealing a package or U.S. mail, ensure you understand  all of your constitutional rights. Contact our Jacksonville criminal defense attorney so they can help you understand your rights and navigate your case.

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