Questions to Ask Criminal Defense Attorneys or Other Attorneys

July 16, 2020 Criminal Defense Attorneys

Choosing between criminal defense attorneys can be challenging if you’ve never had to do it before. Or, maybe you need a different type of attorney, even then it can still be challenging. How do you know if you chose the correct attorney to help your case? It’s important to have a credible attorney, how can you tell? Well, we want to help you feel prepared and confident in your attorney decision-making. Here is a list of great questions to ask when finding someone to represent you.

Questions to Use to “Interview” Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • How long have you practiced law?

    • Depending on the case, you may need a highly educated and experienced attorney. Typically, you want an attorney who has years of experience to be able to support and guide you. That’s why our Dale Carson Law attorneys have years (even decades) of experience to reflect on.
  • Outside of schooling and a degree, what expertise or experience do you have that may help my case?

    • On top of experience, you want an attorney who is passionate and dedicated to their field of practice. Plus, some cases require specialized training and/or knowledge to handle the case. Either way, extra practice and studying can always be beneficial in the courtroom.
  • What type of cases are typically handled by you?

    • You want to ensure their practice area and expertise align with your case. This way you have a greater chance of winning or at least getting minimum sentencing.
  • Do I match a typical client you deal with?

    • Outside of the case, you want to ensure that you match their typical client. If the attorney is used to working with large business clients and not individuals (or vise versa), you may want to look elsewhere to find an attorney more suitable to your client-style.
  • How am I billed/what are your fees?

    • An honest, communicative law firm will be up front with you about fees/rates. Plus, knowing if you can afford their services will be important.
  • What is your strategy when representing a case?

    • Again, depending on the situation you may want a non-aggressive attorney (or the other way around). Understanding their approach will give you a better idea on their level of aggressiveness so you can make a better decision if they’re a good representative for the case.
  • How will we communicate about my case and any questions/concerns that come about along the way?

    • As in almost all life scenarios, communication is vital. Ask up front when you can expect updates and how you will share important dates/information. Also, it may be helpful to ask what hours of the day are acceptable to reach out with any concerns or questions.
  • When reviewing my case, what do you predict the outcome will be and what do we do next?

    • A good attorney will answer this honestly. You don’t want to hunt for the attorney that promises a win every time. Every case is different and it takes time to learn which details matter. Beware of any attorney that tells you otherwise.

Ask Our Attorneys These Questions Todaycriminal defense attorneys

Our criminal defense attorneys, and other attorneys, are ready to answer all your questions and more. Reach us anytime, 24/7, for a free consultation. We are here to help you feel at ease in your attorney choice for your case.

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