Facing Charges of Sexual Battery? A Lawyer at Dale Carson Law may be Able to Help You Beat the Charges or Avoid Unnecessary Jail Time

When fighting a charge of sexual battery, a lawyer should know how prosecutors put these cases together and where their weaknesses are. Jacksonville attorney Dale Carson not only has a track record for successfully defending and protecting defendants’ rights in sexual battery cases, he helped investigate and prosecute such cases as a police officer and knows the tactics prosecutors use. Mr. Carson and his team are effective in fighting sexual battery charges, including domestic violence cases in which sexual battery is involved. Sexual battery, also known as rape, is prosecuted aggressively throughout Florida, and consequences for conviction can last a lifetime. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a defendant convicted of sexual battery can get nine years to life in prison. They will also be labeled a Sex Offender and have to comply with sex-offender registration laws in Florida and throughout the United States for the rest of their life. This is why it is essential to have a lawyer who is highly experienced in sexual battery cases representing you when facing these kinds of charges. You can schedule a free consultation with a sexual battery lawyer by going to our Free Consults page. Or call Dale Carson Law today at 904-355-6777.

Defenses Against Sexual Battery a Lawyer May Use in Court

Sexual battery is defined as the act of forcing sexual penetration upon someone who does not consent to the act. The penetration can be vaginal, anal or oral and be performed with either sexual organs or any object; any combination of these can qualify for sexual battery. In Florida, there are only two recognized defense arguments allowed against a charge of sexual battery: Consent — This defense asserts that the alleged victim intelligently, knowingly and voluntarily consented to or participated in the act. If the act is consensual, then the accused cannot be convicted of sexual battery. Note that failing to offer resistance or submitting to the act under force of threat do not qualify as consent and will not, by themselves, block a conviction of sexual battery. False Allegation — This argument simply asserts that the alleged sexual act never took place or that the accused is not the one who committed the act. False allegations are the most common reason that people find themselves accused of sexual battery.

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Jacksonville attorney Dale Carson and his team are highly experienced in defending clients against sexual battery charges. Don’t accept a plea deal or let your case go to trial until you have talked with one of our attorneys. Initial consultation with one of our attorneys is absolutely free. We handle all types of sexual battery cases, including sexual battery in domestic violence cases. To schedule a free consultation with a sexual battery lawyer go to our Complimentary Consults page. Or call Dale Carson Law today: 904-355-6777.