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Fight Felony Theft Charges — Dale Carson Law can Help You Challenge Evidence & Protect Your Rights

In a felony theft case, Florida criminal law requires prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. This is rarely as easy as it seems on TV, especially when evidence is gathered illegally or testimony is unreliable. At Dale Carson Law we recommend fighting all theft charges until your lawyer has an opportunity to review the evidence against you. Many times we can find a weakness in the prosecutor’s case and get your charges dropped or reduced.

If you have been charged with or arrested for theft, do not talk to police or agree to a plea bargain before you contact a felony theft defense attorney at Dale Carson Law. Call us today at 904-355-6777.

Felony Theft, Misdemeanor Theft Charges, and Defenses Against Them

A charge of theft alleges that the suspect took property without permission with the intent to either deprive the rightful owner of the property or the benefit of the property, or appropriate the property for personal use or the use of someone else. There are two categories of theft under Florida criminal law:

Grand Theft — Grand theft is a felony charge and usually involves property whose value is $300 or greater. The degree of the felony increases as the value of the stolen property increases and therefore yields more severe penalties upon conviction.

Petit Theft — Petit theft, or petty theft, is a misdemeanor charge and involves property whose value is less than $300. 

Florida criminal law provides for four primary defenses against a charge of theft. The defense your attorney chooses to argue will depend on the circumstances of your case. The four primary defenses are:

Good Faith Possession — This defense argues that the defendant had reason to believe the property was rightfully theirs and therefore had no “intent” to steal.

Equal Ownership — If property is owned equally by the defendant and the alleged victim, then no crime has taken place in most cases. 

Valueless Property — For theft to occur, the taken property must have valueAny property discarded as trash is assumed to have no value and therefore cannot be the object of theft.

False Accusation — This defense argues that the defendant did not commit the alleged theft.

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