Ticket Lawyer Reviews Traffic Citation Options

August 30, 2023 Traffic Attorney Blogger

Traffic citations are quite common in Florida. From minor infractions to more serious offenses, understanding the consequences of various traffic citations is important for every driver. In this post, our traffic ticket lawyer will review traffic citations and violations in Florida. You can also learn more by visiting the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) website anytime.

Ticket Lawyer Reviews Types of Traffic Citations

Florida law prohibits a range of driving-related behaviors, encompassing actions like exceeding speed limits, disregarding red lights or stop signs, driving recklessly, engaging in DUI, neglecting seat belt regulations, and other related infractions. Much like any jurisdiction, Florida upholds an array of traffic regulations to uphold road safety. These citations are broadly classified as either moving violations or non-moving violations. Grasping the exact allegation you’re facing forms a cornerstone in constructing a robust defense strategy.

Moving Violations: These infractions occur when the vehicle is in motion. Instances including speeding, disregarding red lights, making improper lane changes, and exhibiting reckless driving behavior.

Non-Moving Violations: These violations pertain to stationary vehicles or parking discrepancies. Illustrations encompass expired registration, parking in prohibited areas, and parking without the necessary permit.

Understanding the distinction between these two types of violations is crucial, as they may have different consequences and procedures for resolution.

Options for Dealing with Citations

When faced with a traffic ticket, you generally have three choices for addressing it:

Option 1: Pay the Fine: If the violation is minor, you might be able to resolve the issue by paying the fine, eliminating the necessity of attending court. However, this course of action implies accepting responsibility and could lead to the addition of points on your driving record.

Option 2: Attend Traffic School: In many cases, attending an approved traffic school can help you avoid points on your driving record. This option is especially useful for minor violations and first-time offenders.

Option 3: Go to Court: You or your attorney can go to Court and enter a plea of no contest to the Judge. If you believe you were wrongly cited or have valid reasons to contest the charges, you can choose to contest the citation in court. It’s advisable to consult with an experienced ticket lawyer before taking this step.

Impact on Driving History and Insurance

In Florida, traffic citations have the potential to contribute points to your driving record. An accumulation of excessive points within a designated time frame could lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. Furthermore, your auto insurance premiums may experience an upsurge due to the heightened risk associated with traffic transgressions.

Engaging Legal Representation

While certain minor traffic violations might appear straightforward, it’s important to seek advice from a proficient traffic ticket lawyer, particularly if you’re confronting more severe allegations. A legal expert can aid in evaluating your circumstances, exploring potential lines of defense, and expertly guiding you through the legal proceedings.

Call Our Ticket Lawyer For Expert Guidance on Your Traffic Citation

Navigating traffic citations in Florida requires a solid understanding of the state’s traffic laws and your rights as a driver. Therefore, a skilled ticket lawyer is crucial so he/she can provide the expertise needed to properly handle any traffic citation. Call our team of experts today at 904-355-6777 or visit our website anytime.

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