Criminal Attorney Explains DUI vs “Wet Reckless” Charges

November 22, 2022
November 22, 2022 5ivecanons

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed DUI charges in regards to suspended driver’s license,vehicle considerations, and more. In this blog, our criminal attorney shares insight on a lesser charge for a DUI case – also referred to as a “Wet Reckless”. Florida is one of the states that allows for an individual to plead for this lesser DUI charge which may enable the offender to keep their driver’s license and not serve jail time.

Any DUI case, including wet reckless, is a very serious traffic offense. Therefore, the case is held to high stakes in a courtroom. One should always have legal representation when facing DUI charges, and our team of expert attorneys at Dale Carson Law can help.

Criminal Attorney Dives into Florida DUI Cases : Plea Bargaining

As with any case in the state of Florida, there must be substantial evidence to convict an individual of a charged crime/offense. If the prosecutor’s office fails to provide this evidence, there is greater potential of lessening one’s charges, or dropping them altogether. Some instances that a criminal attorney will look for to help increase the odds of reducing, or dropping, charges include:

  • BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was below legal limit of 0.08%
  • Officers stopped you illegally
  • BAC test was administered improperly
  • First-time offender
  • Breathalyzer equipment malfunctioned

These instances, and many others, are what experienced criminal attorneys know to look for. Depending on the case, an attorney is able to help the offender avoid having to face the judge by arranging a plea deal with the prosecution office prior to their court appearance. Understanding your charges to a plea, or those enforced by a judge, is important, so your attorney should always walk you through your options and consequences.

Pleading Guilty to a Wet Reckless Charge in Florida

While both a wet reckless and DUI are criminal traffic offenses in the state of Florida, wet reckless charges tend to have  lighter consequences. Reckless driving is a second-degree misdemeanor, while DUI charges are first-degree. An offender may be able to avoid, or minimize, driver’s license suspension time, fines, community service hours, and/or jail time if they’re charged with recklessness instead of DUI. Some courts may also waive education course requirements and insurance companies may choose to not increase rates if convicted of reckless driving rather than DUI.

In summary, a reckless charge typically carries less severe consequences on your criminal record. However, it’s important to know that although a reckless is less severe, it will can appear on a background check for potential employers and/or landlords to see. It’s important to try to seal or expunge charges quickly and always have an expert involved in any DUI case.

Questions for Our Criminal Attorney on DUI vs Wet Reckless Charges

If you have questions on these charges and their consequences, or other charges you’d like to discuss with an expert lawyer, call our team anytime at 904-355-6777. You can also read more information about DUIs in our other blogs.

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