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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Jacksonville with More Criminal and Investigative Experience than Any Other Florida Law Firm

Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys at Dale Carson Law have the experience, background and strategies to provide strong, supportive defense strategies. These strategies are necessary to protect your rights against criminal charges.  From DUI and drug trafficking to murder and sex crimes, Dale Carson Law brings more Florida criminal law and investigative experience to the courtroom than any law firm in Florida. If you are facing criminal charges you need to know your rights, protect your rights and secure the best defense possible.  As a former law enforcement officer with both state and federal agencies, Dale Carson is intimate with the flaws and weak points of police investigations and how to exploit them in your defense.  Other members of the Dale Carson Law team bring a variety of experiences and strategic concepts to the table. Which, in turn, puts you at an advantage in the courtroom.

Dale Carson Law: Jacksonville Defense Attorneys who Never Back Away from a Trial

You cannot protect your rights if you are not willing to fight for them.  Most defense firms shy away from trials and prefer to negotiate plea bargains.  These lawyers often get stuck with plea bargains that are not much of a bargain. This is because prosecutors know they will not go to trial.  By contrast, Dale Carson Law handles nearly 10 trials per year.  Prosecutors do not offer unfair plea deals to our clients because they know their case will be put to the test. Dale Carson Law attorneys Shannon Padgett and Kenneth Boston recently freed two brothers from unjust charges of Trafficking in Cocaine.  The brothers faced potential life imprisonment for the charge if found guilty, but insisted on their innocence.  Extensive research by the Dale Carson Law team revealed critical mistakes in the investigation. Thus, discredited the testimony by the prosecution’s witnesses.  The jury found the brothers innocent and they are home with their families instead of locked up in a penitentiary. Our lawyers have experience defending against a full range of crimes in both state and federal court.

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Police in Florida are trained to arrest first and investigate later. You are not guilty just because you were arrested or charged with a crime. But, it does mean you need to protect your rights. Whether you face charges for a drug crime, traffic offense, violent crime, or sex crimes, you must consult a lawyer to safeguard your rights under Florida criminal law. An attorney from Dale Carson Law can give you an initial consultation for free and help you determine the severity of your case and your rights. To schedule a complimentary consultation with a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney, go to our Complimentary Consults page. Or call Jacksonville criminal defense attorney Dale Carson today at 904-355-6777.