Violent Crimes & Weapons Charges


For Violent Crimes in Florida, Criminal Law Attorneys at Dale Carson Law Protect Your Rights Against False Accusations and Unfair Plea Bargains

When it comes to Florida criminal law, attorneys at Dale Carson Law have a huge upper hand. Our lead Florida lawyer Dale Carson is a former cop and FBI agent with first-hand knowledge of how cops and investigators make mistakes — mistakes that have the power to set defendants free. Criminal defense laws in Florida and the United States are there to protect innocent citizens against false accusations and dirty police work. We know how to put those laws to work for our clients and keep them from serving time for crimes they didn’t commit.

Charges involving violent crimes and deadly weapons are no laughing matter. Pleading guilty to or getting convicted of the wrong crime could needlessly put you behind bars for the rest of your life. You can learn more about how Dale Carson Law goes to work for our clients charged with violent crimes on these pages:

Murder or Manslaughter

Robbery & Burglary

Assault & Battery

Firearms & Weapons

Domestic Violence

For more about Florida criminal law and attorneys at Dale Carson Law, please visit our Criminal Law page and Free Resources page.

In Florida, Our Criminal Law Attorneys Don’t Agree to Plea — Evidence is Only Revealed when Case is Set for Trial

Often the evidence to disprove elements of a violent crime charge is contained in the prosecutors’ own evidence and testimony. Because of Dale Carson’s previous experience as a law enforcement officer, our team knows what to look for. However, the only way our Florida lawyers can view the evidence against a client is for the client to plead ‘not guilty’ and have the case set for trial. When this happens, attorneys on both sides are required to make the evidence and testimony they intend to use in court available to the opposing legal counsel. That’s when we go to work combing over the prosecution’s reports, evidence and witness statements looking for anything that will allow us to apply criminal defense laws in your favor.

But we don’t get to look at that evidence if you take a plea bargain early on. Depending on your circumstance, a plea bargain may be appropriate, but we don’t know for sure until we look at the evidence. That’s why we recommend pleading “not guilty” and getting your case set for trial.

Receive Free Consultation Regarding Your Charges & Florida Criminal Law from an Attorney at Dale Carson Law

Criminal defense laws in Florida are complex and often counterintuitive. Don’t take a plea bargain because it seems to make sense or police say their case against you is water tight. In Florida a lawyer from Dale Carson Law will meet with you absolutely free to explain your rights and how to protect them. Protect your rights; go to our Complimentary Consults page and complete the form. A representative will call to schedule your free consultation regarding your charges and Florida criminal law with an attorney from Dale Carson Law.

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