Robbery and Burglary in Florida — Criminal Defense Lawyers at Dale Carson Law Pursue Evidence to Reduce or Dismiss Charges

In Florida, criminal defense lawyers at Dale Carson Law assist clients charged with robbery or burglary by identifying evidence and witness testimony that refute the allegations of prosecutors. This often gets charges reduced to a misdemeanor or lower-level felony. Our attorneys in Florida also frequently get charges dismissed by showing investigative or reporting flaws that get prosecutors’ evidence thrown out of court. Lawyers at our criminal law firm have experience prosecuting criminals, so they know first hand where investigations and reporting procedures tend to fall apart. If you have been charged with robbery or burglary, do not talk to police until you have talked to a Florida criminal defense lawyer at Dale Carson Law. Call us today at 904-355-6777.

Robbery Charges can be Difficult to Prove — Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain

Robbery is the intentional act of taking money or property from someone by force and includes armed robbery, carjacking, home invasion and even purse snatching. To convict a person of robbery, prosecutors must prove these elements:

  1. The victim was present at the time of the alleged robbery — if the victim was not present, then it is burglary or theft, not robbery
  2. That the victim had money or property taken from him or her against their will — if nothing was taken, it is assault or battery or no crime at all
  3. That the perpetrator used force or threat of force to take the money or property — if there was no use of force or threat of force, then it is simply theft by stealth
  4. That the defendant was the perpetrator — misidentification occurs all too frequently

If prosecutors fail to prove any of these elements beyond a reasonable doubt, then a person cannot be convicted of robbery. Our team of felony attorneys in Florida is skilled in finding the weak links in cases against our clients and getting their charges reduced or dismissed. Read more about how we do this on our Violent Crimes & Weapons Charges page and Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers — Our Approach page.

Burglary: Entering a Home, Building or Vehicle with Intent to Commit a Crime

Unlike robbery, a burglary charge does not require that the victim be present or that property was taken by force or threat of force. However, it does require proof that the perpetrator entered a home, building or vehicle with the intention of stealing property or committing some other crime. If a Florida criminal defense lawyer can show that the defendant either had no intention of committing a crime inside the home, building or vehicle, or that no structure or vehicle was entered, then the charge won’t stick and prosecutors will either reduce the charges or dismiss the case altogether. Of course failure to prove the identity of the alleged burglar will also result in dismissed charges.

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